Residential projects

We know buying and renting can be complicated. That’s why we’re exploring solutions to help customers every step of the way:

  • Education/planning
  • Shopping, selling, financing
  • Insurance
  • Home services, warranties
  • Connected home and energy products


  • Collect and use quality data to inform decisions and influence new products and services
  • Create an integrated digital experience that’s customized to individual customer needs
  • Develop personalized products and services that customers use and value every day
  • Offer loss prevention and mitigation products or services more proactively


Explore Phase

Environmental Ideation

Hypothesis: Our experience, knowledge and data uniquely position us to address consumer gaps in sustainability.

Research Phase

Digital Property Profile

Hypothesis: Using a Digital Property Profile helps us find property traits that improve the Homeowner Insurance quoting process.

Home Health Scores

Hypothesis: Customers will value informed insights that support several aspects of their homeownership journey.

Deployment Phase

Ting Logo

A service of Whisker Labs, Ting protects homes and communities by helping prevent electrical fires before they start — all through a plug-in device.

  • Monitors the entire home for electrical fire hazards
  • Sends notifications about the home’s electrical system and connected items
  • Detects hazards originating outside the home, on the electrical utility grid
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Ting has mitigated electrical fire hazards in thousands of homes.*

*Source: Whisker Labs Ting Fire Safety Team